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So we’ve decided to move to Costa Rica, and the big day is almost here!

Why we’re moving out of the country

It was almost a year ago when we began thinking outside of the box, and decided that a move to a different country would positively change our outlook on life. We consider it somewhat of a “time out” from normal, everyday, American culture; fast pace, full schedules, fast food, and OVERABUNDACE. We are looking forward to slowing down the pace and living a more simple life. Let’s not forget of course the amazing adventures we will have exploring a new country, and learning a new culture!

What we’re taking

One thing we have realized is that we just have too much stuff! One of our goals living abroad is to learn to live with less, and to teach our kids that they don’t need material things to make them happy. We are only taking three suitcases, and one personal item each. We are also bringing two car seats and a pack-n-play. With not having much packing room, we’ve had to be very selective in what we’re taking.

Purpose of this blog

Through this blog we can allow our friends and family to follow us on our journey, and we will have a place to keep all of our experiences and memories, good and bad. It also will give us some feedback when people leave comments, which will be interesting to know what others are thinking.

As we were preparing for our move and doing a ton of research on the internet, we ran across several blogs that inspired us, and also helped us with detailed information on the area that we are moving to. We hope to inspire others as well who might be thinking about making such a move. These are some of the other bloggers that I have enjoyed reading: